Patients have many different reasons for choosing cosmetic dentistry. They may have been unhappy with the look of their teeth for many years or, for example, they may have been in an accident which has damaged their teeth.

Whether you are looking for a Hollywood smile for the sake of your self-esteem or have a pressing need to repair your teeth, be assured you will get the best attention possible in our Falkirk dental practice.

cosmetic dentistry patient

If you are a new patient, your initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Falkirk will almost certainly be free of charge for new patients. Contact us today to make an appointment


Do you want straighter less-crowded teeth? Six Month Smiles could be the answer.

Frequently requested and easily done with the help of our teeth-whitening kits.

Highly cosmetic solution to dark, stained or chipped teeth.

Often the best solution for broken or missing teeth. Good-looking and long-lasting.


High quality and made to your exact requirements by skilled dental  technicians.

Composite tooth-coloured fillings to replace old-fashioned dark and unsightly dental work.