Veneers can be a great solution if you are self-conscious about any teeth which may be stained, off-colour, or chipped - particularly at the front of your mouth

Modern veneers are thin porcelain facings - almost like false finger nails but for your teeth - which we place on the front of each tooth.

By way of preparation, we might remove a little bit of the tooth first then we will place the veneer just level with your gum.

Our lab partners take great care to get the shade you want, using a shade guide and natural light to match the veneers to your teeth.

dental technician


Timeline for Cosmetic Veneers

  1. When you come in for your first appointment we are likely to take dental photographs so we can help you decide on the final look you want.
  2. Next time we see you we will prepare your teeth for their veneers and fit temporary veneers which you can wear for now.
  3. When you come back next we will remove your temporary veneers and place your new veneers.

Will it be painful?

It doesn't hurt to get veneers. A little bit of local anaesthetic will take care of any discomfort during treatment.