A Fast and Efficient Way to Fix Your Teeth

Lots of adults are self-conscious about their mouths particularly when they laugh or smile because they have squint, misaligned or gappy teeth. They often think they've missed the boat to get them sorted or that braces are just for youngsters. The good news is that Six Month Smiles is a braces system specially designed for adults who want a fast and efficient way to correct the alignment of their teeth and without it costing the earth.

Clear Braces for Everyone

How do Six Month Smiles work? Through a system of clear brackets and tooth-coloured  wires, resulting in a really discrete way to correct your smile. We have heard many stories from patients whose friends didn't even realise they were wearing braces!

This is why Six Month Smiles is the most popular type of short term orthodontics available in our Falkirk dental practice.

What are Six Month Smiles good for?

  • Over-crowded teeth
  • Closing gaps between your front teeth
  • Easing your teeth back in line with their neighbours
  • Rotating teeth that have ended up at poor angles
  • Stopping your teeth pushing up into your gums
  • Correcting minor cases of open bites where your front teeth don’t meet
  • Correcting some instances where your front teeth cover your bottom teeth

A Timeline for Six Month Smiles

  1. It all starts with a consultation in our Falkirk practice when we get a measure of the problem, discuss the plan with you and take images of your teeth.
  2. On your next appointment we will attach the clear brackets to your teeth along with the  wires.
  3. We will make regular appointments with you to return as least once a month so that we replace and adjust the brackets, wires and elastic bands.
  4. Finally after approximately six months and once you are satisfied with the result we will remove your Six Month Smiles and provide you with a retainer to help you keep your newly straightened smile.
confident smiles
Now smile with confidence

How Much Does Six Months Smiles Cost?

£2000 for 2 arches – this price includes a bonded retained and removable once treatment is complete.

Questions about Six Month Smiles

Does it Really Only Take Six Months?

Often patients are delighted to find it takes less than six months. Six months is the average treatment time - from which you can deduce it occasionally takes longer: sometimes four months, sometimes as much as nine months. The most important thing from our point of view is to get it right and achieve the result you want.

Will I Need to Wear a Retainer?

Yes, you will get a retainer after your Six Month Smiles treatment so  you can keep your newly straight teeth in the correct position. It is important to wear it to make sure all the good work doesn't get undone. It is also important to follow the advice of our hygienist afterwards to keep your new smile in great condition.

What Food Can I Eat with My Braces?

You are able to eat most things though it’s best to avoid foods that are particularly chewy as well as chewing gum. . However it is important that your oral hygiene is as good as possible. We recommend regular brushing as well as making appointments with our dental hygienist.

What About Six Month Smiles for a Bride to Be?

Good idea if you want your best smile for the wedding photos. But don't forget to plan well ahead (that goes for everything wedding-related doesn't it? After all the treatment takes on average six months and just occasionally takes longer.

Does it Hurt?

Few patients experience anything other than slight discomfort. There may be a mild ache occasionally. After all the treatment involves moving your teeth but this usually happens after we have replaced brackets or wires.

Can I Spread the Cost?

Yes, this is a frequently asked question about Six Month Smiles. We have a number of finance options for spreading the cost of dental treatments. The best thing is to discuss this with our reception staff and work out what's best for you.