We Are Recruiting!

We are currently looking for dental associates to join our team. We are a fun, hardworking and an ambitious team made up of a small group of Envisage dental practices across central Scotland.

Working for our team will provide you with the chance to create your own profile and grow your client base. We offer a mix of both NHS and private treatments, giving you a great opportunity to get involved in a variety of cases and work with different patients. You will have the opportunity to widen your skill set through referrals across our practices, while working with a great team.

We are dedicated to providing the very best dental care for every patient in our community. This dedication was particularly important as we worked hard to keep our practices open through lockdown, meaning we came out stronger on the other side which we are incredibly proud of.

As well as patient care, the wellbeing of our staff is a top priority for Envisage. We offer mental health support and have partnered with an Inverclyde counselling and therapy group, Mind Mosaic to provide mental health training and support for our team when needed.

Now we know it’s easy for us to write about how wonderful we are as a dental practice, but to show you we’d like to share a few of our own team experiences working for EnVisage:

“I feel that the biggest change I have felt since started working at Envisage dentistry is the change to my scope of practice. With help and tuition from our clinical director, I have successfully completed international training on implant dentistry and this year have placed over 40 implants in Falkirk. The approachability of the management staff has made such a difference in my confidence and enthusiasm to try new techniques and look into new more advanced treatment methods and bring them into my own practice. This has added to my enjoyment of the job and has the added benefit of being able to offer a wider range of functional and cosmetic dental treatments to pass on to our lucky patients.”

Dr Andrew Davidson, Dental Associate

“I have been with the EnVisage group for 3 years now and I really enjoy my job (that's half the battle at the end of the day). Since starting with Envisage group I have progressed within my job role, and management have always supported and helped me along the way. They have helped a lot with my confidence when I needed a reminder, I was doing a good job, and I really appreciate this.

Work has definitely been busy since coming back after the pandemic with "the new normal", but we work together as a team. I look forward to my future with EnVisage group working together with more progression along the way “

Emma, Practice Lead

“Started at Envisage before it was even called EnVisage, I have been able to grow as a nurse throughout my 7 years here. Assisting in Implants, Surgery, Ortho and cosmetic dentistry. The support I've had from management has helped me gain confidence within my dental nursing abilities and has pushed me to gain more experience in other specialities like sedation. Here at EnVisage Falkirk, we are very close like family which makes coming to work more fun. Although we all get on very well, we are still able to work professionally and efficiently for our patients here at EnVisage.  Over the past 7 years I had watched Envisage grow and develop, and very happy to be working for such a great company.”

Leanne, Dental Nurse

I joined the Envisage team in Falkirk in March 2021 and have felt so welcomed ever since. With the help and support from the staff here and management I have adjusted well to working during these uncertain times. I hope to gain more knowledge in areas such as radiation and put it to good use here at Envisage Falkirk.”

Chelsea, Dental Nurse