White Fillings

White fillings or composite fillings are increasingly popular and not just for front teeth but for back teeth too. This is particularly true of patients who want to replace their old dark mercury fillings.

Contrary to popular belief, composite fillings are not just white. We also provide pink fillings for patients who, for example, may have some gum recession.

This way the pink filling blends into their gum . For good measure, we can even put a white composite on top of that to recreate the normal look of their teeth and gums.

Tooth-coloured fillings

Tooth coloured fillings work in exactly the same way as traditional fillings. They are used to restore teeth that have developed decay or have fractured. They can also used in cosmetic dentistry to hide stains, chips or other small imperfections on teeth.

Tooth coloured fillings can cost more than other traditional fillings but many of our patients believe it is worth it not to have unsightly black or dark-coloured fillings spoiling their teeth.

Composite fillings are strong, durable and robust and help to support to weakened teeth, as well as helping with sensitivity.

How long does it take to get a composite filling? Sometimes a filling can be done quite quickly; other times we might take over an hour to rebuild the tooth. Each tooth has to be assessed on its condition.